Part 7: Nude and lingerie photo shoot process at Photogenika

After many hours of research and gathering courage, you have finally decided to have erotic photos taken of you. Terrific! Nevertheless, you would like to "play mouse" and know how a photo shoot in the field of nudes or lingerie works with us? In order to take away some of the excitement, we are going to explain to you today what awaits you in our photo studio if you are a Nude shoot or lingerie photo shoot have booked.

Before making an appointment

Before you contact us by phone or e-mail for an appointment, or maybe even drop by the studio in person, you can already think about a few things at home so that they are clarified for you and you don't have to deal with them shortly before the shooting .

On the one hand, you can ask yourself how your make-up should look at your photo shoot. Do you prefer it natural, with some mascara, eyeliner and a little blush, or do you prefer it a bit more unusual with artificial eyelashes, smokey eyes or red lipstick? Depending on what you decide, we work together with great and highly professional make-up artists who you are welcome to book, who can conjure up any make-up you can think of and also take care of your hairstyle. You can lean back, get in the mood for your photo shoot and don't have to worry that the eyeliner won't work because your hand is a bit shaky with excitement.

Furthermore, you can already think about how many different motifs you want from your shooting and how often you want to change the background, outfit and accessories. Here you usually get a good feeling for which of our packages could be suitable for you. However, we are also happy to advise you on our packages and find the right framework for your ideas and ideas.

On the other hand, one of your first thoughts should also be: For what occasion would I like to be photographed? Just for myself or do I want to make my partner happy for their birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary or Christmas? Would you like one of your fantastic and beautiful nude photos or lingerie pictures large Printen to hang over your bed or create a collage of pictures and have them printed? Or should it rather be a high-quality one album that you can still leaf through and remember 30 years from now? If you have a specific day in mind when you need your large picture or album, we can schedule your photoshoot appointment well in advance so that your photo product also finished on time.

preparation at home

Your appointment is booked and the first step towards your unique, professional recordings has been taken. Our tip: If possible, treat yourself to a little pampering day a day or two before your shoot. Go to the hairdresser and have your hair freshly colored and cut, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure and enjoy some time just for you. Afterwards you will feel more comfortable, more attractive, more feminine, self-confident and sexy, which you will also radiate on your photos.

The evening before the appointment for your nude photography/your lingerie shoot, it is best to pack a bag with your clothes and accessories so that you don't forget anything on the day of your photo shoot. If you plan to hang your pictures as a mural in your apartment, you could adapt your clothes/accessories to the colors of your apartment.

Also, if you haven't already, you could take a look at ours site or on Pinterest throw which pictures you like and save them as screenshots on your smartphone. This way we get a good first impression of what kind of recordings you like.

You can pamper your body with some body lotion or body oil the night before so that there are no dry spots on your skin or face the following day.

on the day of yours Lingerie photo shoots it is best to wear loose clothing to avoid leaving marks on your skin. If you are planning a nude photo shoot, avoid wearing a bra if possible. Plan a small time buffer for your arrival, because traffic jams and problems with public transport are unfortunately not uncommon in wonderful Munich. If you are too early, you are welcome to leave your bag with us and go for a coffee. In this way you also avoid stress factors for yourself and arrive relaxed with us.

In the studio

Our large studio can be closed with a sliding door so that nobody can see you and you can enjoy complete privacy. You have time beforehand to perfect your make-up and hairstyle (if this has not been done by our make-up artists beforehand). In a relaxed atmosphere, we will discuss all the details with you, such as your outfits, the background, your wishes, right before the shoot and look at your example photos. We will give you lots of tips and share our experiences with you so that you feel relaxed and can place your trust in us.

One of the advantages of our photo studio is: we are exclusively female photographers, so you don't have to be afraid that there is something we don't know about ourselves.


For some of our female customers, it is easier to start with a portrait for a nude or lingerie shoot. This means you can start your photo shoot in a "normal" outfit, we will take a few portraits at the beginning so that you can get used to the new situation and thaw out. We will of course give you precise instructions on how to pose, but we are also happy to hear your own spontaneous ideas and wishes. These usually arise spontaneously during the photo shoot, as we do not have standard poses that we photograph for every customer. This means we can react flexibly to your wishes and photograph you in an even more personal way.

If you need a little breather or some time for yourself when changing your outfit, we are happy to leave the studio for a moment so that you can enjoy your privacy.

Us photographers it is very important during the shoot that everything fits perfectly so that we can keep an eye on your hair, make-up and outfit at all times. So we pluck until the unruly strand of hair finally stays where it belongs and in the most difficult cases we sometimes use hairspray and a brush. We also make sure that your outfit fits perfectly and doesn't slip.

We often get the feedback that the time of the photo shoot flew by, so did we photographers. You will be busy with holding your pose and with your body tension and there are actually some poses, especially in nude photography, that are exhausting and where your muscles are almost inevitable.
But we assure you: it is worth persevering.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with a pose in your lingerie shoot or nudes, let us know and we'll find a less strenuous option for you.

After the shoot

You managed! Overcome you and pulled off your long-awaited photo shoot in nude or lingerie, congratulations. Now we will make an appointment with you to choose the pictures. This will be about three to four weeks later.

Our own quality standards are very high and we would like to present your pictures to you in the final and perfect form. It is important to us to sort out your pictures and to edit the selection pictures for you in advance. You then look at your professionally edited photos together with your photographer in the studio and choose your favourites. You will then receive your selected digital pictures on one of our exclusive "Photogenika-Sticks" or via a download link to your e-mail address and you can take your printed pictures with you directly.

Now you are optimally prepared for your appointment, so arrange one now meeting with us. Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you to clear your last doubts and make your dream of the perfect nude or lingerie photo come true. Feel free to call us during our opening hours, write an e-mail or arrange one consultation appointment.

I hope you enjoyed our blog series on the subject of nude and lingerie photography and that you came up with many exciting ideas
and take away suggestions. If you have any questions, call us at any time or send us a short e-mail.

We look forward to you!

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