Lingerie photo shoot and motorcycle photo shoot combined


My name is Michael, I'm 23 years old and a photographer at Photogenika, the photo studio in Munich.

In addition to my passion and job as a photographer, motorcycling is the focus of my life. For about four seasons, I've been an enthusiastic motorcyclist in the supersport sector. Since my circle of friends also largely includes motorcyclists and everyone always wants great photos of their machine, I am therefore in high demand as a motorcycle photographer.

A while ago I had a crazy idea! What would it look like, a rarer type of photography, namely the lingerie photography to combine with the photos of the motorcycles that I usually take? Most motorcycle portraits are taken in the leather suit and helmet that is customary for sport. It will definitely do lingerie photography great in combination with a super athlete! Photogenika's photo studio in the Westend in Munich, with its large premises, was the perfect opportunity to test this combination of a lingerie photo shoot and a motorcycle shoot.

Procedure in the photo studio

Since my girlfriend was already able to gain some modeling experience, both in classic portraits and in boudoir and lingerie photography, I asked her to pose as a model for these shots. After overcoming the first hurdle of correctly positioning the 200kg motorcycle in the studio, I thought about how I would like to set up the lamps for the recordings.

Since the motorbike is not the main attraction in this case, but only a design element, I chose the variant with little light and shadow play in order to put my girlfriend in the right light. So that both the model and the photographer could start taking pictures smoothly, I started with classic poses from my repertoire of motorcycle portraits, whereby my girlfriend also wore normal clothes at first.

First portraits, then a lingerie photo shoot

After we both grooved in, we stripped her clothes down to underwear, as is usual in a proper lingerie shoot. The challenge was to integrate the motorcycle well into the poses. For example, she sat upside down on the motorcycle, leaned against it like against a wall or even lay on it with her back stretched out.

I often changed the perspectives and the lighting in this motorcycle photo shoot.

Biker girl at the lingerie shoot

Last but not least, to round off the lingerie photo shoot, I wanted to add a touch more “biker girl”. We used the helmet to create a slightly sportier look, anonymity and cool reflections in the visor and helmet. The results of our lingerie shoot were amazing! The possibilities of the studio light offered completely new possibilities for the motorcycle portraits. In Bavaria alone there are over 900,000 motorcyclists.

I would be very happy to be able to take more such pictures at Photogenika in the future.
Gladly with, but of course also without Lingerie or nude photography!

your Michael

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