How does a kindergarten shoot with photogenics work?

Again and again we are asked how a kindergarten shooting works with us. Therefore I would like to give you a little insight into our work today kindergarten photographers grant.

Preparation of kindergarten photography

First, we look for a suitable date for the kindergarten shoot with the facility management or the parents' council. About four weeks before the agreed date, we send our announcement folder to the kindergarten. This contains posters for the notice in the kindergarten and flyers for the parents. In it we explain when we are there and how the registration of the children for the kindergarten shooting works.

Registration for the KiTa shooting

Pre-registration is required for each child. According to the current data protection law, we are only allowed to photograph any child with the consent of the parents. In order to make the registration as uncomplicated as possible for the parents, this is done online via our registration portal. Our posters and flyers contain the internet address with the registration code and – even easier – a QR code for registration. Here the parents only have to enter their data and that of their child, and they are already registered for daycare photography.

Shooting day with the kindergarten photographer

As long as the weather is stable and no rain is announced, we prefer to take kindergarten photos outside. Outdoor shots tend to be a bit more natural, and we can let the kids play and climb a bit too. Nevertheless, we always set up one or two sets that we run through with the children as stations.

If the weather doesn't cooperate, we always have two sets with different backgrounds. This offers us a lot of flexibility and allows us to take photos in pairs, especially in large facilities.

Basically, we like to take photos in a team of two or sometimes even three. This gives us plenty of time for each child. If a child needs a longer warm-up phase, they are welcome to watch the kindergarten shoot first. Often the courage comes all by itself 😊 Otherwise we also have our fart dragon with us as a temporary help, which is a lot of fun for the children.

For larger facilities, we always offer several shooting days. On the one hand, we do this because we only know on the first day of the shoot how many children are registered and how many are sick. On the other hand, we want to take enough time for the children, which they and we need to take pictures without pressure and with great joy for everyone. Only then does a kindergarten shoot lead to a good result. But it can also happen that we finish all the kindergarten pictures on the first day and the second or third day is not needed. We therefore ask parents to dress their children in a photo-ready way across groups for each announced day.

One of the most frequently asked questions by parents is: What do I dress my child for a kindergarten shoot? Of course, the parents want a pretty kindergarten pictures of their children. You can pay attention to a few things:

  • Don't dress up: We ask parents not to dress their child in anything they don't want to wear. Even we adults don't feel comfortable when we're wearing something uncomfortable or something that doesn't suit us - it's the same with the kids
  • Avoid large imprints: We read this tip quite often on the Internet. Of course, large colorful motifs can distract from the face. But if it's the absolute favorite dress with Elsa or the much-loved Paw Patrol shirt, then that's fine, of course. We want to accept the KiTa children as they are and as they feel comfortable!
  • Since we also like to photograph the children sitting, lying down or climbing, parents should ensure that their clothing is not too short. T-shirts, dresses or skirts that are already a bit tight become even shorter when climbing or sitting down and quickly reveal too much skin
  • Hair: Individuality also applies to hair. Wild hair is allowed if it simply suits the respective kindergarten child. Especially outside, when the wind blows through your hair, the pictures become beautiful and lively. We will of course make sure that the hairstyle doesn't get too messy as much as possible. Only parents should remember that we photographers and no hairdressers: even the educators will hardly have time for a hair styling 😊

Select pictures and order online

After the kindergarten shoot, the parents will automatically receive an email as soon as the online shop is open and the kindergarten photos can be viewed. This usually takes between one to two weeks after the shoot.

The kindergarten photography prices are deliberately not set so high with us. We offer individual images as digital downloads or as photo prints in various sizes from approx. 5 euros. We also offer cheap savings packages. Payment is made digitally, e.g. by PayPal, or via advance transfer. A download link will be sent for the digital images after payment, images on photo paper will be delivered to your home. Have a look at our Online shop sample gallery around. You can find it in the FAQs on the page for Kindergarten photography Munich.

We would be happy to send interested institutions an offer and our sample folder for a successful kindergarten shoot. We look forward to inquiries!

Your Julia from and with the Photogenika team 😊

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