Dreamlike wedding at the lake

“My Bonnie is over the ocean, my Bonnie is over the sea…”

This wonderful wedding was definitely the highlight of all weddings for me last year.
When Lilo and Felix told me last year that they had come up with something very special for their guests, I was hooked. I still remember how they asked me: "Hanna, do you get seasick easily?" Luckily not. 😉

Of course, I was now all the more excited about the wedding and when they told me that they would like to have part of the wedding celebration take place on a ship, I was absolutely thrilled.

For the Wedding Portraits it was difficult to decide on a background, the Starnberger See offers so many beautiful possibilities. The mountain panorama, the jetty, the lake shore, the lake itself and so much more. As a photographer, you can get into raptures.
So we immediately decided on several photo locations and the radiance of the two made it very easy for me to shoot great wedding portraits.

It was so beautiful, the weather played along perfectly.

When the two were married in Kochel am See, it was still very cloudy outside and when we were all waiting for the ship at the jetty, it was even raining lightly, but the mood remained good.
But as soon as we were on the ship, it suddenly came up and finally the sun showed up and rounded off the great atmosphere perfectly. The light was indescribably beautiful and so we sailed for quite a while on the Kochelsee through the sunshine.


Such a ship usually has a destination in mind that should be approached - in our case that was it House by the lake in Seeshaupt on Lake Starnberg, where the celebrations continued properly and exuberantly to this day.

The location was made for such a beautiful wedding, it was noble and at the same time wonderfully comfortable. That pleases them photographer of course very special and offers one beautiful motif after the other. Especially when all the guests are having fun and the bridal couple can't stop beaming like these two loved ones.

It was such a beautiful day. Thank you Lilo and Felix for allowing me to capture this special day for you and to be a part of your cruise.

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