Employee portraits for Ernst&Young

One company - many facets

It wasn't the first time I for staff photos from "Ernst&Young“ was booked in Munich. I have had the pleasure of taking portraits of employees in the company's main building in Munich several times. The employees come from a wide variety of departments and even from several locations to have their pictures taken by us.
Some images are needed for the website, others for the intranet, and a few for entirely different things. The employee portraits must therefore be universally applicable and show the character of each employee.

There is no question that you can find beautiful corners for business portraits in every building. I have already found my favorite photographic corners in this company headquarters. Here I would like to show you how versatile a building can be. 
No long walking distances and yet a new background, a different lighting mood and a different outfit result in a completely different look.

This is very practical, as you can cover several images for a wide variety of purposes in one photo session. It is also convenient for the employees, as they do not have to make extra trips to the photo studio or to a specific location.



Business portraits



On-site employee portraits are a beautiful, modern alternative for every website. They are very suitable for presenting your own company in an even more personal way.
We're excited to see which rooms are still waiting for us out there, because you'll find at least one photogenic corner for business portraits in every building.



Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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