The Mobility House 10 years

In October I was allowed to attend the tenth anniversary celebration of the company "The Mobility House' in the form of a photo reportage.

Even before the celebration started, there was one big reason to celebrate: the location. It was supposed to be the "Rooftop Bar" of the "MH5“, right in the Werksviertel at the Ostbahnhof in Munich. As the name suggests, there is a spectacular view from the roof of the fifth floor.



Being able to take photos at the party made me happy photographer was even more fun under these conditions. There were also some interesting presentations. Both from the founder of the "Mobility House" and two representatives of the "Fridays for Future" from Munich. Because the company is primarily concerned with e-mobility, an important topic on which young people also have a lot to say.


Many partners and representatives of other companies were invited to celebrate together and it was done in a very relaxed and happy atmosphere.
This made it very easy for me to capture beautiful moments and I was also able to learn a lot.

A few pictures of photo reportage you can watch here:

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

Hotel Shooting Photogenika 01

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