Wedding video 2.0 – pictures from seventh heaven

Wedding video 2.0 – pictures from seventh heaven

Wedding videos in the usual format are difficult to inspire. They are often (hours) long, show standard situations or slide into kitsch. But actually, the medium of film is made to revive our feelings long after the wedding ceremony. But today you need the wedding video 2.0. Because in order to evoke emotions, our eyes, spoiled by film and television, demand more spectacular images. This is achieved through professional videos that are created using drones. The small aircraft, which can be controlled from the ground, carry a high-resolution camera and are very manoeuvrable thanks to four rotors. See here Examples and excerpts of successful wedding videos.
Wedding video drone

Wedding video with the drone - adapted to modern viewing habits

The wedding couple is in seventh heaven at the latest on the day of the wedding ceremony. Because drone videos bring the needed ease, they are unmatched for weddings. The viewer can visually fly through this special day once again. Professional filmmakers advise on the length and composition of the images. So that the newlywed couple and the wedding guests enjoy watching the video again and again, it is generally advisable not to exceed a length of a few minutes. This corresponds to modern viewing habits. The video can also be viewed easily on smartphones and tablets.
wedding film_drone

Small drone, big effect - an experience almost like in the cinema

All in all, it's not about capturing every detail and every speech like in a documentary film, but rather capturing the mood and feeling. Cinematic effects are possible with the drone. Fast cuts and extraordinary changes of perspective keep the tension and watching is simply a pleasure. The viewer has the feeling of climbing up with the wedding balloons in order to float towards the mountains with the good wishes. Or the flying eye of the drone takes the viewer on a ride in the wedding convertible - together with the beaming bridal couple. The flight over the country road, the smiles of the guests and a kiss of the bridal couple captured in a lively film leaves no one indifferent. The right choice of music also evokes emotions.
wedding_drone video

Perfect addition to the wedding photographer

Anyone who has a drone video created kills two birds with one stone. After all, you can do it the same way wedding photos create from a bird's eye view. These pictures are a beautiful and unusual addition to the wedding album. An outdoor wedding is particularly effective. Capture the location that may have been chosen for the wedding for a special reason - be it in the middle of mountains, on the beach or your hometown.
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