Accompanying a conference with event photos for several days

As a new photographer at Photogenika, right from the start I photographed a company event that lasted four days. Normally, multi-day event photography jobs are divided fairly among the photographers, so that the event photographer on site is always fresh and alert. With this order, however, it was expressly requested that the event photos be taken by the same photographer on all four days.

Special effort in event photography

As a photographer, I'm used to carrying my gear, standing late and working late, but these four days made me feel that photography can also be a profession that's not only mental but also physical can be very demanding. (As of "just press the button!"). Especially when it comes to event photography.

What makes good event photos?

I always like to compare a photographer to a shooter. Just like him, we have to wait through the viewfinder and shoot at the right moment - and not lose sight of an important moment. Over time, you develop a “360° view” that always “checks everything out”. In the long run, this is a veritable flood of information for the brain and you inevitably become tired and unfocused.
If you photograph an event, meeting or conference alone as an event photographer, you cannot simply walk away or take a break in between. If you still want to freshen up, you have to wait for a suitable moment when you can be sure that you don't miss any important event photo.

What motivation do event photographers bring with them?

One can ask the question, why am I doing all this? Simply because I really enjoy it. Smiling faces, great unforgettable moments that you can capture with the camera, the opportunity to experience a great ambience and breathtaking acts up close, great food and great performances. All this makes me forget the aching feet and the tiredness and even after a short night I still look forward to the next exciting day of event photography on site.
Sometimes I wish that more people could see directly what a woman photographer puts her heart and love into event photos plugged.
Your Anne and your Photogenika team
Event photographer Munich empty conference hall
Event photography two concentrated people
Event photography food
Event photographer smiling person
Event photography Munich Group photo
Event photographer Munich reception
Event photography buffet
Event photographer menu
Event photography Munich mobile phone photo guest
Event photographer Munich performance
Event photographer group photo in the evening

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