Wedding day in a sea of flowers

as wedding photographer you see a lot of different locations, and it doesn't matter whether in the mountains, on an island or in the middle of the big city. And each one brings its very own charm.

The wedding I want to show you today chose a wonderful green spot in Munich: Den Botanical Garden.

That was something very special for me too, as I had actually never been there before. The way to the small café where the celebration took place led through greenhouses, colorful flower beds, past cacti and palm trees, garden ponds and overgrown underpasses.

I met the groom a little earlier to capture the first time he sees his bride.
A wonderful moment for both of them! Welcome in a relaxed manner, present yourself in a wedding dress and suit, and look forward to the upcoming wedding together. They had waited so long for this moment.
Before the guests and the bride and groom fully engaged in the day, we took some time to shoot a few more portraits in the beautiful garden. The cloudy sky gave us a wonderful light with which we were able to take many great pictures

The ceremony itself took place in a church not far from the garden, within easy walking distance, even in bridal shoes. Even if the waiting guests were a bit surprised by the fact that we weren't traveling by car: they were very happy that they were able to greet the bridal couple right away.

The wedding ceremony was musically accompanied by guitar and singing, which made it all the more emotional and personal. Afterwards we went back to the café for champagne and appetizers (on foot again, of course 🙂). Although the weather forecast had announced rain, the sky cleared and the sun accompanied us for the rest of the day!

While we were taking group pictures, the guests could marvel at the various flowers and the children could frolic in the meadow. A lovely afternoon.
In the evening there was a sporty dance performance by the bride's parents, who presented a boogie performance and then invited all guests to a group dance.

After the cake, we went to the party room, where the two brides and grooms opened the dance floor with the wedding dance. The atmosphere was exuberant and even after the sun had long since set behind the flower beds, the smiles on the faces of the guests and the bridal couple brightened the night for a long time.

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