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Authentic self-presentation on your own website for your company
Of premises, to employee portraits and presentation photos on site in the Aigner dental practice.

Why stock photos when you can show yourself?
Renew the website, beautify it with new pictures and acquire new customers. A topic that sooner or later every company owner deals with.

we Photogenika photographers are not only in the photo studio for staff photos to book, but we also drive to various companies in Munich and the surrounding area in order to shoot company portraits directly there.

Many companies work with graphic and web designers who, for example, design their website, choose color themes and create a template using stock photos.
Our goal as a photographer is to use creative approaches and craftsmanship to produce images that fit well into the overall concept and represent the company and show what is on offer

And we can think about it best when we know what our customers care about and what is important.
In order to achieve the best possible result, planning is the be-all and end-all.

The first visit
A few days before the shooting, I was in the practice in Deisenhofen for the first time.
The first ideas come as soon as the door opens. The colours, the shapes, the structure of the rooms – impressions are strongest when you first see them. It is important to mature these and, above all, to plan what is required for successful implementation

The friendly team greeted me and showed me around. I could deal with the dentist dr Aigner talk in detail about how she wants the pictures, which shots are important and what is particularly useful. In the practice rooms, we checked whether there were interfering objects that are needed in everyday work but are less suitable for photography.

architectural portraits
Group photos and situation pictures are always good to show more of the work situation. For individual portraits of the team, we looked for and found the right background in practice.
We were also able to easily identify the right time of day for the photos.

I returned shortly after, armed with the right lighting setup, tripods and full camera gear. Here the result:
Your Barbara

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

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