Trick or treet, trick or treet, give us something scary to see…

When the witches meet to dance, the dead come to life and rise from their graves, werewolves howl at the moon and the ghosts strike fear into the hearts of men... Then, yes, it's Halloween.
But not only the witches, ghosts, zombies and werewolves are scary, we can also keep up and spread spooky, goosebumps and pure fear. That's why we want you to show us just how spooky and scary you can be.
Post on our Facebook site until 05.11.2013 a picture of you in your creative, scary and unique Halloween costume at "Trick or Treet" or at a Halloween party. Among all submissions we are giving away a photo shoot.
Well, already scary ideas for the costume? Then get to the scissors, sewing machines, make-up pots and Co. and conjure up the best Halloween outfits of all time with a big "abracadabra".
And watch out, who knows what's around the next corner!!

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