From the diary of a trainee - fashion in transition

In the course of the training, a prospective photographer not only has to gain practical experience in the photo studio, but also to implement this knowledge in practical tasks for the report booklet.
My last task for this was the topic of fashion, a very exciting area of the photography. But I didn't just want to photograph clothes. As an apprentice who is being trained as a portrait photographer in a studio, it was important to me to focus on people. And so, after some back and forth, I came up with the idea of showing women's fashion in photos over the course of time. I have decided to choose epochs in which, in addition to the clothing, the style of the generations can also be shown in photography.
The first station: The 1920s - the time after the First World War.
Many things changed during this time. The women began to emancipate themselves, became self-confident. This is also reflected in fashion, which is moving away from the restrictive corset towards looser yet elegant clothing. It was the time of the "femme fatale" and the Charleston.
I wanted to show the next change as a photographer in the 1950s. Post-war period and economic boom. And with the “better times” clothes that strongly emphasized femininity also came into fashion. Figure-hugging and colour-coordinated, they were now based on Hollywood greats and dared to approach the ideal image of the "wasp waist". Petticoats, heels and hats belong to this period, as do elaborate hairstyles and red lips.
Finally, as a portrait photographer, I wanted to try my hand at 80s fashion. A time in which many youth cultures were formed, and the fashion of this phase is as colorful as this. Flashy, unusual and neon colourful.
And with the perfect models and make-up artist, nothing could go wrong in the photo studio.
Many thanks to the hard-working helpers and have fun on the little photographic journey through time.
See you soon,
Your Barbara

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