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In the fabric store in Pullach there is much more than just fabrics, as the name suggests. In this blog post I would like to give you a little insight into business photos.

The fabric house is a customer for whom we have been doing business photos for a long time. The interior design business has been in the south of Munich for over 10 years and recently they have expanded their own workshop with a showroom. This is only a few minutes away by car and this little excursion is worthwhile.

Our last appointment was about new business photos of the premises, as well as the management and the employees - both in the workshop and in the fabric store itself. The images are used for the website and social media.

As soon as you enter the shop, you are greeted by the happiest colors. A huge variety of subtleties spreads out in front of the customer: fabrics with the most unusual motifs, designer candles, every type and color of blanket, comfortable furniture, high-quality artificial flowers and carpets, but also surprising accessories such as slippers and toiletry bags.

There is something to discover in every little corner and it is precisely this attention to detail that makes the business photos so beautiful and makes my photographer's heart happy.

business photo

With each season new colors, furniture and decorative objects are added, so the pictures must always be up to date. Something is always changing, both inside and outside, which is why we also took outdoor shots of the Pullach area during the last photo shoot. By showing the locality in the pictures, the local person will be shown exactly where to find the cloth house.

When we were done with our business portraits in the fabric store itself, we went straight to the workshop. A lot of handicrafts were made and a lot of new furniture was built to give the customer a good idea of what the objects could look like in their own home.

There we took various photos – of movement during the processing process, but also an employee photo in front of the shop.

It's always exciting to see how quickly a room's atmosphere changes when you let a bit of color into your life.

I'm excited to see what the next seasons bring.

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