Employee photos for an advertising campaign

In November 2021 I was allowed to participate in a very exciting project: The advertising campaign for nurses in the Asklepios specialist clinics in Munich-Gauting. And indeed, a short time later I saw my pictures again on advertising pillars and on the S-Bahn.

In the specialist clinic for pulmonary and thoracic surgery, the focus is on people: personal attention is also crucial in cutting-edge medicine in order to get well again. So every patient should receive these to the best possible extent. Unfortunately, the fact that there is chronic understaffing in the care sector is also nothing new.

This deficit was felt even more clearly during the pandemic. However, since none of our photographers is a nurse, we can help in our own way - with you Employee photos and employee portraits.

At 6:30 a.m. we set off for Gauting through deep fog and heavy rain ‚Äď an apprentice as an assistant and a lot of equipment in her luggage. Our contact person on site introduced us directly to the nurses who had come in on their day off to lend their faces to the campaign. Everyone in a good mood, everything well prepared! We got to work straight away and designed each of the images for the Munich business photos according to the agency's specifications, but individually in order to emphasize the advantages of the clinic employees.

After almost 6 hours we were done, our employees had pictures in the can and our models redeemed.

We drove back to Munich and made our selection. Finally, there was the time pressure caused by the pandemic to get the campaign rolling as quickly as possible.

After many hours of retouching the staff pictures and many emails with the agency and Asklepios, we were finally able to send the link with the business photos to be published in Munich. And advertising was done!

On advertising pillars, in the S-Bahn, on the Internet, ... our staff photos and staff portraits appeared everywhere to motivate new support for the hospital staff.

Hope it helps and that the carers can get more support soon.
You can also apply at: https://www.asklepios.com/gauting/unternehmen/bewerber/pflege/

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