Part 2: lingerie photography or rather nude

Everyone who comes to us to have sensual photos taken can decide for themselves how far they want to go. No matter whether in lingerie or erotic photos completely without a cover - you decide how you want to present yourself in your photos. Whatever you decide, we try to take away your shyness and create a relaxed atmosphere. Maybe your pictures should also be a gift for you or someone special in your life, as a birthday present, for Christmas or just because. Are you still undecided? We'll help you decide. 

What is actually the difference between an erotic photo shoot in lingerie and nude photography? Depending on the definition, it can be flowing or very strong, which is why we limit our description to our interpretation of sensual lingerie photos or artistic nude photography.

lingerie photography

Let's start with the first lingerie photos. Here you wear various underwear, negligees, bodysuits and accessories of your choice during the photo shoot. Jackets, cardigans, blazers and shirts are also possible, because the lingerie photos can also be a bit playful and romantic. You show a lot of skin, but without presenting everything immediately, creating a rather playful eroticism, since you play a lot more with the camera. Thanks to the many different cuts, your curves are aesthetically pampered and your body beautifully emphasized. In addition, these little "extras" from your wardrobe allow us to conceal or hide any problem areas. Another nice idea would be if you bring your partner's favorite piece to the studio so that we can put you in the spotlight and he or she can rediscover it in your photos afterwards. 

With lingerie photos, you can also play well with your make-up and your hair, because your face will also be visible in the photos if you want. We work together with wonderful and professional make-up artists, who we are also happy to book for your photo shoot.

If you don't have much experience in photo studio If you have been able to collect, it will be easier for you to start the photo shoot, because you do not feel completely naked, but can "play" with your clothes and underwear and hold on to them at the same time. If you get a little braver during the shoot, you can later switch to the partial act, where you only wear panties or stockings, for example.

nude photography

At a act photoshoots you take off all your clothes and we photograph you in your pure nudity. Of course, a few accessories are also allowed here, as long as they don't get too pompous. This could be necklaces, earrings or high heels, but the focus should still be on your body, its shapes and curves. A large part of nude photography consists of body landscapes in which you can only see certain regions of your body in the frame.

If you don't want to show everything because you might want to hang the picture in your home, we can also work with shadows and your hands to cover your breasts for example. The skilful play of light and shadow creates such good photos in which we only show your best sides of you. You should put some of your trust in us photographers, because what looks skillfully sexy in the pictures usually doesn't feel that way at the photo shoot. Our models usually tell us that during the shoot they often asked themselves whether this could even look good and then thought “Oh yes, that can even look really good!” when looking at their selection. 

For most photographers, nude photography is also the highest art of photography because it requires a high level of experience and a great sense of aesthetics. We are all educated photographers with many years of experience in erotic photography and be sure that you are in good hands with us.

You're still unsure whether you really dare, because you've had the desire to take nude photos for a long time? What do you think about simply combining both? We start very leisurely with one or two portraits, then move on to the lingerie photos so that you have time to "warm up" and feel comfortable. This way you can slowly relax, because you'll slowly get a feel for how a shoot works and what's going on in the studio. 

For a combination of nude and lingerie photography, we would recommend our medium or even large package, as this leaves more time for many different variants and also for you. The large package is particularly suitable if you are not quite sure about the outfit, or you have not yet had that much experience in the photo studio, because we want you to feel completely comfortable with us and to be able to gradually relax. Find our prices for our packages here. 

The next blog post is about Part 3: nude lingerie clothes and accessories

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