Three kindergarten photography tips

In the past - and unfortunately sometimes still today - photo sessions in kindergarten went like this: Like on an assembly line, one child after the other is placed on a chair and "click", the picture is in the can. Unfortunately, there are always only a few and hardly distinguishable pictures to choose from. With our three tips, however, the kindergarten photo shoot becomes a happy event for everyone involved. As an organizing parents' council or kindergarten, you save yourself a lot of work and trouble.

1. Photographer with experience instead of hobby photographer

kindergarten photos must not be too expensive so that all parents can afford the pictures. But what good is it to ask your friend who is a hobby photographer if the result is quickly shelved? So that the parents are happy to keep the KITA photos of their children in the future, hang them up or give them away to the proud grandparents, the professional should do it.

We know from experience that it's not always easy to keep the little ones happy and get a beaming smile when you're behind the camera at the same time. A layman is quickly overwhelmed with the nice but also challenging photo session in the day care center. Therefore, make sure that you are dealing with a professional photographer who has experience with children photography Has. We at Photogenika always come in pairs, because four eyes see more and so there are no shaggy hair or dripping noses on the picture.

2. Procedure of the shooting or "Who takes how much time?"

The most important factor for great photos is time. That starts with the preparation. For example, we are always happy to come by in person for a preliminary talk to get to know you and take a look at the premises. It is usually enough to make a phone call and work through our checklist, because we know the optimal process and are happy to adapt it to the processes in the daycare center so that all parties are satisfied. Of course, the technology should also be selected to match the circumstances and wishes.
You should also allow enough time for the photo shoot itself to photograph different poses and to respond to the children individually. Our goal is always to provide you with a true selection of images of each child.
Outside, inside, in front of the hedge, in front of the wall, with a cuddly toy or on the slide? Of course, we also provide you with inspiration for the design and practical tips for organizing the shooting.

3. The images: modern and digital

Most photographers used to have an obligation to purchase photo portfolios. Finally, a folder was printed specifically for each child. If the parents did not like the picture or if they had no use for 30 of the same pictures, the entire folder was destroyed. The procedure is (there may be providers who still work like this) not only unecological, but also expensive. The kindergarten teachers have to laboriously organize the removal of the folders, collect the money and sometimes also preselect the photos.

We only want to sell photos that the parents really like. Therefore there is no acceptance obligation. Each child is photographed in at least three poses, each with various filters, resulting in more than 15 options. The parents then receive either an analog image index or a personalized QR code, which they can use to look for the images in the online shop and order them in the desired number - of course we also offer digital image data for sale.

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