International photo competition "Freedom" of the BSZ Alois Senefelder

"Freedom" - This is the theme of this year's international photo competition vocational school center Alois Senefelder for trainees. All students in vocational training can let their creativity run free. Since my vocational school works together with many other photography schools, trainees in Tartu, Munich, Budapest, Ljubljana and Vienna are now faced with the challenge of depicting the topic of "freedom" in pictures.
I didn't want to let this unique opportunity pass me by either, so I worked on the first drafts. After the first ideas were discussed with my colleagues from Photogenika, it was time to start taking photos. In order to be able to realize a recording as you imagine it, a lot of planning and sensitivity is required. Many attempts are often necessary to be able to take the picture the way you imagined it.
Especially when shooting outside the studio, you are very dependent on the interaction of weather and light. For my pictures, I chose to shoot in the Photogenika photo studio decided - better safe than sorry! After some of my friends agreed to model for me, it was time to implement the image ideas. Here I had to realize that a precisely planned photo often does not have the effect of a loving snapshot full of emotions.
So I threw all my planned ideas overboard when I had an idea for a picture and relied on my gut feeling. I am very excited to see how my photos will turn out and am very happy to be able to see the many other photographs of the other trainees. Of course, I don't want to withhold from you the photos that I submitted to the international photo competition of the Alois Senefelder Vocational School Center.
Yours, Nikki
I kissed a girl ... original - Nicole Lindner - Freedom BSZ Alois Senefelder
I want to break free original - Nicole Lindner - Freiheit BSZ Alois Senefelder
Loose yourself original - Nicole Lindner - Freedom BSZ Alois Senefelder

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