Employee portraits on site

Nowadays, for a successful and interesting presentation of a company, you not only need a homepage with self-made employee portraits that the intern photographed. A professional website also includes modern and meaningful portraits of your company and employees by a professional photographer.

Business photography – the first impression counts

This also applies to business photography. The customer immediately gets an idea of your company and gets a friendly impression. Regardless of whether you already have certain ideas or do not yet know exactly how your employees should be photographed, we will be happy to advise you.

To be considered with employee portraits

For many companies, it is most convenient to have the images for business photography taken on site, as it is difficult to find an appointment with several employees outside of business hours. This saves time and you can include the work environment, such as the workplace, the window front of a practice or a treatment or consultation situation.
It is important that your office is as bright as possible so that we can work with the light that is available. Above all, this increases the recognition value of your company in the business photos.
Of course, the usual environment is also an advantage for employee portraits on site. The employees feel immediately comfortable and uninhibited - and we also consider it our task to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for your employees so that the employee photos appear as natural as possible.

Employee photos on site and in the photo studio possible

However, we also have the option of taking our mobile photo studio and background with us and setting it up at your location. Thus, with professional lighting, Business photos Munich as created in the photo studio. Employees who are unable to work for a short time or who are ill can easily be photographed in our photo studio at a later date, as this method achieves more uniform results.
We also definitely recommend booking a make-up artist who will take care of the make-up, hair and powdering for men on site, i.e. the entire appearance of your employees.
If we have aroused your interest, you are welcome to request a non-binding offer from us.
We look forward to you!
Yours Claudia Ronge
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