Training day for trainees from Photogenika

From the diary of a trainee

This blog entry offers a small insight into the training day of the trainees from Photogenika. The task of the day was a live portrait contest.
On February 15 of this year, we trainees had a training day together.
Our challenge was a live portrait contest. This is a kind of competition in which several photographers to create something unique under the same conditions. Today was about one woman portrait.
In the end, our customers in the Westend were able to vote for which of the four final sedcards they liked best.

The Contest

We had been provided with a model, with whom each of us had about an hour to photograph her.
There should be four pictures for a sedcard: a head portrait, a half portrait, a full body picture and a free, special picture.
The day was structured in such a way that we took pictures for the first four hours and watched our colleagues – of course we supported each other. After a delicious lunch break together, the second part of the day began, which consisted of selecting and editing our four best pictures.

The conclusion

All in all, it was a very interesting, educational and fun day. What was particularly exciting is the fact that each of us had different ideas and how many different things you can do with the same model and how diverse a person can be.
Together we tried out the stroboscopic flash for an extra blog entry on ours Photogenika Blog is to read.
In the end, each of us had four beautiful pictures that were put together into a sedcard, which you can admire here.
Have fun watching wishes
your Luci

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