From the diary of a trainee - My first months at Photogenika

When the end of school is approaching, at some point the question arises as to what to do with your future. Since I have been a passionate photographer for a number of years, I am very happy to have received the apprenticeship as a photographer at Photogenika.
In the first few weeks I had to get used to it. The photographers patiently showed me everything, helped me to understand the work processes in our photo studios and gave me a lot of tips. At first I watched every opportunity I had in the passport studio. I soon learned how to photograph passport photos myself and have been able to support the photographers ever since.
Next I started retouching pictures and im photo studio to assist in order to facilitate the work of the photographers there. Especially during the past Christmas months I was able to gain great insights into all areas of portrait photography. As an assistant, I take care of setting up the photo studio before the shoot, arrange the clothes and hair of the customers while the photo is being taken, provide accessories and help to animate small children and make them smile. This way I'm almost always with me in the photo studio and have a great opportunity to observe the attitudes and procedures of the photographers and to find out what things to look out for when taking pictures.
In addition to assisting in photo studio I also had the chance to accompany the photographers on external appointments and thereby get to know architectural photography and our photo booth at event photography. However, I was particularly enthusiastic about the assistance with wedding pictures and I am really looking forward to the upcoming dates this year.
After the first few months, I finally started with the application photo exercises, which the team took a lot of time to support me with. I received training and have had many opportunities to try out different poses, backgrounds and lighting.
Here are some pictures that I was allowed to be part of as an assistant in our photo studio. Enjoy watching!
your Ellena

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