From the diary of a trainee – A biometric passport photo, please.

After you have slowly settled into the training company, the first step for a trainee photographer is the passport photo. It's not particularly exciting biometrical passport picture: frontal, mostly light background, no accessories, no laughter. And yet everyone needs a passport photo - whether for the ID card, passport, visa, health insurance card or driver's license.

Customers often ask us for "a normal passport photo". But there is something more behind it: In order to photograph the right passport photo for you, it is important for us to know the country and the purpose. This is because regulations such as the size of the passport photo, the color of the background, the composition of the photo and regulations regarding clothing and headgear differ from country to country. Many customers require a German biometric passport photo measuring 3.5cm by 4.5cm. However, if you want to travel to the USA, for example, you need a square passport photo for the visa with the dimensions 5cm by 5cm.

You can also take a biometric passport photo at the machine? In some cases this may certainly work, but due to the strict requirements for passport photos in Munich, such passport photos are often not accepted in the office. And what about a toddler or baby? Although it can sometimes be difficult to photograph the little ones in the same way as an adult, we also provide the youngest with the right passport photos.

Did you pass your driver's license? Has your passport just expired? Or do you just not like the "criminal image" from the vending machine? We are happy to photograph your successful biometric passport photo in our photo studio in the Westend and also in our photo studio at the Ostbahnhof. We will photograph you in our passport studio, show you the photos to choose from and after a few minutes you can take your passport photos with you immediately.

If you now want to have your passport photos photographed by Photogenika,
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