From the diary of a trainee - baby bump photos

At the beginning of my training as a photographer at Fotostudio Photogenika, an exercise plan was drawn up that set the photographic goals, which I had to work through step by step. Starting with passport and application photos, through individual portraits, nude and lingerie shots to "baby belly pictures".
It was exactly this umbrella term that caught my eye at the time, because after all, a baby bump cannot be “organized” from one moment to the next, like a curling iron for a great hairstyle, and is therefore associated with a certain waiting time.
However, since the photo exercise was scheduled for the second year of training and fate was kind to me, we had an expectant mother with a wonderfully round baby bump in our circle of friends just in time for my exercise date.
I approached the task cautiously, because let's be honest: Who of us greenhorns knows how it feels when there are two of us?!
Thanks to the patience of my model, which made my nervousness disappear, and the openness to my picture ideas, I ended up with really beautiful photos that I am very proud of - because I really didn't think that it would work out so well from the first baby bump shoot!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maria again - I had so much fun and I hope to be able to get to know your little ones soon - maybe for 2-3 photos?
For those who are curious, I've attached a few baby bump photos - I hope you like them! See you soon Sonya

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