From the diary of a trainee - portrait photography

Well, today is the day when I, Barbara, want to have my say in our “Diary of an Apprentice”. And not without reason, because now I also have something to present. Because, as time flies, I've been at Photogenika for a little over half a year and, as is the case with an apprenticeship as a photographer, you have to learn a lot. Now that I've been photographing passport and application photos, it's slowly getting more exciting, because now we're starting with the first ones Portrait Photos. Since we had an intern last week, Tina entered the calendar that I should practice taking portraits with her. Oha, still looking for ideas. After our dear intern is enthusiastic about vaulting four times a week (for those who don't know what to do with it, you can imagine it as gymnastics on a horse), the plan was to capture her with her vaulting poses. I was excited to see if everything would work out as planned... and I have to say I really didn't expect her to bend like that. I was really amazed how she hung upside down in the "bridge" position and waited patiently until I had adjusted the light appropriately. Hats off! When I slowly started to worry that the good intern wouldn't be able to move the next day because of her sore muscles, we moved on to my second idea. This wasn't so far-fetched, because as it happens during the carnival season, we took pictures afterwards with confetti, balloons and everything that goes with it. And after I showed her how to make a streamer fly (she didn't know that yet) we had a lot of fun taking pictures until we had to clear the studio again for the next appointment. And so that you can see what came out of it, I'll post a few portrait photos as well. Until the next entry, your Barbara

Hotel photo shoot

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