From the diary of a trainee - exchange with Hungary

Even though it probably went unnoticed by most, I haven't been to the Photogenika photo studio in Munich for three weeks. I had the honor of participating in an EU mobility project called "Leonardo da Vinci". Our vocational school in Munich organizes this exchange with the Budapest “Szolgáltó- és- Kézmüvesipari Szakképzö Iskola” (i.e. the local vocational school for photographers and goldsmiths).
The aim should be to show us the Hungarian working world as a photographer and as we found out there are big differences to our way of working in Munich and it was very exciting to see!
We were also able to gain a lot of experience during internships in various Budapest photo studios, especially in the field of jewelry photography.
Not only has the beautiful city of Budapest grown dear to our hearts, we also really liked the small towns and the Puszta, which we saw on numerous excursions.
And to give you an insight into the beautiful country of Hungary and my photographs from there, I will show you some of the most beautiful pictures.
Your Barbara

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

Hotel Shooting Photogenika 01

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