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The family portrait itself was created in the 15th century from the depiction of the Holy Family. At that time, painting was most likely done in oil or other colors and it may have taken several days, if not weeks, to complete a painting.
Because the Family photos Munich are photographed a bit easier and much faster today with digital and comparatively also with analog photography, it is perhaps worth considering having your photo taken with your loved ones as a group at Photogenika in the photo studio. The distant relatives from overseas will certainly be happy about current family photos that show how big the offspring have become.
In our photo studio in Munich you can also buy vouchers for a family photo shoot and give them away to friends. The joy of such a special gift for a family photo is usually huge. If you are fortunate enough to have been given a voucher for family photos or if you have made an appointment with us to have family photos taken in one of our two photo studios in Munich, you can get started.
It doesn't matter whether there are three or eight of you, we arrange them in front of your desired background in such a way that the family photos in Munich look varied and special. We do not take zero eight fifteen shots, but respond to your ideas and try to implement our best possible family pictures to your complete satisfaction. We will take away your fear of being in front of the camera with our calm and experience. So that different shots for a family photo can be created, we also respond to your own ideas.
After the photo shoot, you can choose your favorites from a variety of family photos. This works, for example, via our online shop, which means that this exciting experience does not end in our studio. Some time after the photo shoot for family photos in Munich, you can look at your family photos together at home with coffee and cake on the computer and choose which ones family photos you want to order. Whether as a voucher gift or as a self-arranged date, a family photo shoot is a huge event for the whole family.
Here are a few family photos from Munich – enjoy the photos!
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Family photos Munich
family pictures
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