Newborn Photography - These babies must be bewitched!

At least that's what we, the photographers at Photogenika, thought spontaneously when we saw the pictures of newborns by famous photographers. Anne Geddes, Erin Elizabeth and Kelly Brown are some of the better-known names in the field Newborn Photography. In your newborn photography, the little ones literally look like angels - sleeping peacefully, a light smile on their lips, sweet as sugar and completely relaxed. But how do the photographers get the babies to let a stranger take their picture so calmly and beautifully?
In order to get to the bottom of this secret of newborn photography, we photographers from Photogenika Munich got to work - we queried the Internet about newborn photography, looked at many newborn photos, got plenty of backgrounds and props for newborn pictures (including skins, towels, blankets, baskets, hats and hair bands for the girls), conducted a workshop on newborn photography and tried out a lot ourselves at every opportunity in our photo studios in Munich. Lo and behold: It's not witchcraft! With a lot of patience, calm, empathy and sensitivity, the little ones, who should not be older than 14 days for newborn photography, can be lulled to sleep, wonderfully staged and photographed!
Full of inspiration and with many ideas in mind, I set out to find models for a Newborn Shooting did. It quickly became clear to me: You shouldn't be afraid of contact with a newborn! Since I have a young son myself, this is not a problem for me. Now - a few photo shoots for newborn photography later - I can report that each of these little miracles took part in a perfect model shoot and the parents had just as much fun as I did. At this point I would like to thank all parents and babies! It's incredibly fascinating how cute each of these angels are in their own way. I've found a new passion - newborn photography!
I hope you recognize this passion in the pictures. We are also happy to come to your home and photograph a newborn shoot for you Home Story. Enjoy watching!
your Julia
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