A photographic review of the year

2014 - a year full of new beginnings, farewells and creative experiences. A year full of team spirit and further developments.
It started with one photographer "fewer" in the team, because I, Sonja, said goodbye for three months to do an internship abroad with another photographer in the field of advertising and people photography. At about the same time, however, we were able to welcome our dear Julia back, as she came back from her baby break and took over as studio manager in the Photo studio in the Westend lent a helping hand with verve and zeal.
In April the diary was peppered with some interesting external appointments and internal training courses and from the end of this month there was a lot of activity on the weekends, because the wedding season was in full swing. This year we were again able to be part of many emotional, great moments and we wedding photographers would like to take this opportunity to thank all our bridal couples again - of course we would be happy to welcome one or the other with offspring in our photo studio soon !
In July of this year, unfortunately, it was also time to say goodbye to our Barbara - she was a trainee at Photogenika for three years and enriched our team with her cheerful, honest and lovable manner. Again, a big thank you for your work and your active support during your apprenticeship, dear Barbara - we miss you!
In September, Ellena joined our team as a trainee in her first year of training and is therefore our Photogenika chick. She is part of our team Photo studio at Ostbahnhof and has been diligently taking all passport photos from our photographers Alessia and Nadja since the first few weeks, assisting in the studio where she can and making great progress in her photo exercises!
Our trainee Moira, now in her third year of training, has also made huge progress over the past six months and amazed us photographers with a number of photo series. Since the beginning of the Christmas season she has been shooting in all areas of studio photography and we are proud of the many creative results!
The entire Photogenika team also had a creative challenge when it came to taking part in a photo competition, including on the subjects of beauty portraits and weddings, at the bpp (Association of Professional Portrait Photographers) went. The work was sent in in November and we are very excited about the results, which are expected to reach us in January.
And so that the creative thread doesn't break, we are already in the middle of the preparations for the upcoming wedding fairs from January next year - as you can see: we creative minds from photogenics never!
All in all, we look back on a very varied year in which each of us was able to develop further because, dear customers, you gave us photographers the opportunity to try new things and to push our current limits. Always higher, always further in your own claims and together with you! Nice that you were with us and that we were able to inspire you with our work and make you happy!
Now we have nothing else to say but Happy New Year, thank you and see you in the new year!
All the best,
Sonja & her Photogenika team

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