Event photography with EIT Food

Not so long ago I was allowed to host an exciting event in the form of Reportage photos to accompany. Here you get a few impressions of the evening.

EIT Food supports the development of dynamic, long-term and pan-European partnerships between leading companies, research laboratories and companies. These partnerships are known as innovation communities, each addressing a specific global challenge and developing a solution to it. For example climate change, sustainable energy or healthy living and healthy food.

Various startups were invited to this event to present their idea and product. There were great ideas here. We talked a lot, exchanged ideas and also ate delicious food every now and then. ūüôā

I was allowed to accompany this exciting event photographically and was able to learn one or the other new thing.
Photo reports are particularly exciting. The most important thing here is to work unobtrusively in the background, without disturbing anyone or drawing attention to yourself.
The atmosphere as well as the conversations and encounters of the guests should be absorbed.

In this case, it was very easy for me to capture nice pictures of the visitors because the general atmosphere was very good and there was a lot of laughter automatically. You could also see how people genuinely care and are happy to be able to do good.

For me, as a photographer, it was a very pleasant and instructive evening.

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