Family happiness in family photos!

A family photo as a nice gift for grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle? Just for the family to freshen up your own 4 walls a little and redesign them visually? Or is a new family album with lots of varied family photos coming up?
It is always a great experience and a wonderful souvenir to have your family photographed by the photographer. But what do you wear for such a family photo shoot and what is the best way to dress up? In order to get harmonious family pictures, it is important to coordinate color and style, such as jeans and a white shirt. Beautiful accessories are always suitable for common hobbies, which we are happy to include in the photos and pictures.
It doesn't always have to be the precisely positioned family photo smiling at the camera. Just Family photos Munich that arise spontaneously from the situation, such as laughing together or children playing, usually result in the most beautiful family pictures.
With small children and babies, you should approach the matter as calmly as possible. The child feels most comfortable in their usual clothes or with their favorite toy. If you as a parent are relaxed, your children are too and we photographers can start taking pictures. You are welcome to have your family photos taken at home in Munich. That's what ours is for Home Story ideally suited.
And even if the little one is not in a good mood, we almost always manage to cheer up your children with balloons, soap bubbles, grimaces or tickles. This means that we also like to play the "clown" for your little ones. Through years of experience with babies, children and families, we have many ideas, are calm and enable a relaxed atmosphere for successful family photos in our photo studios or at your home.
Would you also like to surprise your relatives with great family photos or does the family album need new family photos again? – Then Photogenika is the right place for you!
Moira and her Photogenika team

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