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A look behind the scenes of erotic photography

I've had many interesting experiences as a nude photographer and it often feels like I've explored a new world. Erotic photography involves a lot more than you might think. It's not just about photographing naked bodies, but also about setting a mood, creating an atmosphere and implementing creative ideas. It is about eroticism, intimacy, aesthetics and expression. In this blog post I would like to give a little insight behind the scenes of erotic photography.

The goal of the act

Erotic photography is artistic, erotic and interesting. A nude, i.e. the photo itself, can also convey a deeper understanding of human sexuality, eroticism and body language. For the person who allows himself to be photographed erotic, the photo shoot can become a valuable self-awareness. The success of this experience depends very much on the photographer. During a shoot, the most important thing for me is that I always make my clients feel safe and relaxed. This is the only way I can make this special and unique experience possible for you. If you show yourself in lingerie or without, you have to feel comfortable. Of course, not everyone is equally relaxed, but a little excitement isn't detrimental to the photo either. Anyone who overcomes their shyness during the shoot can be proud of themselves - and will be so at the latest when looking at the pictures. I care about that. I also love the challenge of telling a story with my photos. Photographing a nude is a wonderful art and the results can be truly breathtaking. Regardless of body shape and size, I can portray a person beautifully, interestingly and above all in their entire personality with one act. So if you are looking for a photographer to help you capture your personal nude then you have come to the right place.

My day as a nude photographer

Careful planning and a pleasant atmosphere are crucial factors for a successful shoot. First I need to prepare my equipment, collect cameras, lenses, light sources and other accessories so that I am ready for the upcoming photo shoot. But this is just the beginning. Before I start taking photos, I explain to my customers exactly what they can expect and how we will design the photo shoot. Of course the focus is on erotic photography, but it's also about creating an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable. The customers already have room for their wishes during the preliminary meeting, but also on the day itself. I like to plan the shoot very carefully by choosing different outfits and accessories and thinking about how we can best present our photo. If necessary, I also use a little makeup during the shoot to mattify and make the photo even better.

The photo shoot begins

When everything is prepared, the photo shoot can begin. I do several tests to see what lighting and angle works best for the image. As a professional photographer, I am not only responsible for the photo. 


During the shooting it can happen that the model feels insecure. The situation in the studio and posing in lingerie is very unusual for many. I then try to find out if we can adjust the setting and always respond to the needs in a reassuring manner. Sometimes just laughing together helps. Once you are relaxed like this, the eroticism comes all by itself. After all, my customers should end up with nothing less than a professional photo of themselves that they love.

Make-up and post-production

After the photo shoot, it's the turn of the post-production of the photos. I edit the images on the computer and optimize the colors and contrasts. I make sure that certain details of the photographs are highlighted and that they are of a professional and high quality.

At the end we meet in the studio to view and select the photos together. This is an exciting moment and I am delighted to see the smiles on their faces when the beautifully developed images are viewed by their owners for the first time. The erotic photo is more than just a photo, it is a reminder of a special day and a work of art that customers can enjoy again and again. 


Erotic photography is a very exciting and delightful type of photography that involves much more than just naked bodies. As a nude photographer, my goal is for my clients to end up with a professional, high-quality photo. The photograph should tell a story, correspond to the wishes and emphasize the personality. It is a creative process in which the customer is the center of attention. Every shoot is something very special.

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