Boudoir shoot at the hotel

Photography in general and a boudoir shoot in particular thrives on light and shadow. Sometimes finely placed edges, sometimes a soft, bright setting, sometimes shadowy and mysterious. I love playing with it and finding a great balance with each person. What do you want with one? Boudoir shoot show, emphasize or hide what?

There are so many great opportunities in our profession. For example with one Hotel shooting for boudoir photography in Munich.

Rediscover your own body with boudoir photos

What fascinates me the most – and has been since I started my apprenticeship more than 10 years ago – is that Nude and lingerie photography. In no other area is it so much about precision and a trained eye to get the best pictures out. Every body is different and every body is beautiful. The high art of our job is to show that to everyone.

While everyone has spots that tend to raise eyebrows, with the right lighting and poses, these images are a fantastic confidence booster! 😊

Hotel Shooting Photogenika 01

In the studio with our props, we can not only conjure up great things during a boudoir shoot. But we are flexible with our equipment and not only tied to our two locations in Munich. And so we made plans and looked for a new challenge as a team.

A boudoir shoot in a hotel

For those who are not familiar with the term, it was once an old-fashioned term for an elegantly furnished room in which the lady of the house retired, usually to change. And in this style is photographed. A chic room, daylight and romantically playful photos that you don't get in the studio.

With boudoir photography, a long-cherished wish came true. Such shootings on location, for example in a hotel, are always something special, not only for our models but also for the photographers.

Equipped with pretzels and homemade Americans, sparkling wine and drinks, Tina and Julia welcomed the rest of the team for our hotel shoot. One of our make-up artists took the time to style the models' hair and do the make-up on site. And when we got there in the room and looked around, we were all excited. A freestanding bathtub! A huge bed with a black headboard! And rough stones on the wall. What a location for our Boudoir shoot!

The ideal environment for beautiful boudoir shootings

The light that shone into the room through thin curtains offered an incomparable charm for the setting. Not only on the bed, but also in the bathtub with colored water and flowers and the glass-enclosed shower. A whole new world of lingerie photography opened up to us.

Everyone tried out their ideas, a creative, exuberant atmosphere ran through the day until early in the evening. The daylight was slowly fading (luckily we had our small outdoor lamps with us, for a little more lighting) and as it got darker and darker and we had photographed the last boudoir pictures, we also realized that such a whole day of shooting is very exhausting. The euphoria and happiness made us persevere.

And the proud result is something to be proud of! We have given everything to bring you a great new world of Boudoir photography which we hope you'll be as excited about as we are! 😊

The boudoir photo shoots were a lot of fun. Thanks again to our volunteer models.

We can't wait if you're interested in having such great photos taken of you! Treat yourself to something special and let yourself be enchanted by our skills. Feel free to put yourself on the waiting list for one of the upcoming boudoir or Hotel shoots.

Be it for your loved one or for yourself.   

We are looking forward to hopefully a lot of great boudoir pictures with you!!

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Hotel Shooting Photogenika 01

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