Take pregnancy photos yourself or go to the photographer? The pros and cons.

Not every expectant mother wants to go to the photo studio for pregnancy pictures. For many, however, it can be a beautiful and important experience.

Every pregnant woman wants to capture this special time with beautiful pregnancy photos. A picture of the big baby bump fits perfectly at the beginning of every family photo album. The only question is: how do you get beautiful pregnancy pictures? Who is suitable for visiting the pregnancy photographers and who better to take the photos themselves? We find: It's not that easy to decide and maybe you don't have to decide at all.

Make beautiful pregnancy photography yourself

If you have a knack for selfies, you can document the growth of your belly bit by bit. on Instagram and all over the net the influencer moms are doing it. If you try it yourself, you will find that it is not that easy.
If the angle isn't right, you'll look weirdly distorted. Getting the stomach right in the picture also requires a few contortions, which is why the facial expressions take care of themselves. And let's be honest, it's not just the stomach that expands in most pregnant women. It is precisely then that one actually wishes for an overall favorable picture.

Of course, each pregnant woman has to decide for herself whether her partner is more gifted as a photographer for the pregnancy belly. It's definitely worth a try. The self-shot picture is always suitable for documenting everyday things and the baby's first excursions in the womb.

The conscious time out: What can the pregnancy photographer do that I can't?

If you make an appointment for a professional photo shoot during pregnancy, you get more out of it than just documenting your stomach. The mother-to-be can consciously take time for herself and her new job. Often everything revolves around the baby and as a mommy-to-be you spend every free thought with the child and everything you have to organize for it even before the birth. A pregnancy photo shoot can show: I am important to myself.

The photographer can ideally create this conscious time-out in the photo studio. The pregnant woman does not have to worry about anything and everything can simply revolve around her. Of course, it is important that you have chosen the right photographer for the pregnancy photography and that you discuss all your wishes with him in advance.
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Another key advantage of maternity photo shoots with the photographer is: the partner does not have to be behind the camera, but can also be on top of the picture. The father-to-be can also enjoy the time and use it mentally to deal with his upcoming role. If you already have children, you might simply plan your visit to the photographer as a family trip together, because the siblings can of course also be in the picture.

Don't feel like going to the photo studio: photo shoots for pregnant women can also be done at home or in the countryside

Many photographers also offer their services outside of the studio. If you would rather get out again during the maternity leave, it is a good idea Baby belly photos in the English Garden or another green spot to shoot. Maybe you don't like going out that much anymore or do you feel most comfortable at home? Then a photographic home story for pregnant women is more suitable. The photographer then simply brings all the equipment with him.

Conclusion: Ultimately, you don't have to choose one or the other. Private pregnancy photos and those from the photographer complement each other perfectly. The photographer's light and technology are guaranteed to be right. You don't necessarily have to go to the photo studio for this either. All in all, expectant parents can particularly enjoy the time with a photographer for pregnant women and once again consciously be the center of attention.

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