From the diary of a trainee - Photoshop course in Augsburg

Everyone Photographer trainee has to complete a Photoshop course in his second year of apprenticeship, which is organized by the Chamber of Crafts. That's why I was allowed to go to Augsburg with a few classmates for two weeks a year ago.
In the first week we only took photos every day. We were allowed to take the flashbulbs provided by the Photoshop class outside to take outdoor portraits of each other. We also photographed a car outside with the flash units, which was not so easy to do due to the reflective surface. We quickly became aware of how much work actually goes into the production of advertising posters for major car manufacturers.
We also had the opportunity to photograph a model, create reportage pictures at the Augsburg city market and take photos in the Augsburg zoo next door. It was great that we were also able to test special equipment, such as a special lens for architectural photography or an extreme telephoto lens, with which you can even photograph subjects that are very far away in full format.
In the second week of the Photoshop course at the Chamber of Crafts, the focus was on the Photoshop editing program. We were shown professional skin retouching methods, such as those used for large beauty campaigns, as well as methods for editing architectural and advertising photos. It's always amazing how much digital trickery can be done to make a product as appealing as possible for promotional purposes.
The Photoshop course in Augsburg was a good opportunity for me to try new things and I am happy that I was able to learn a few things about light, equipment and Photoshop there.
Below are a few more pictures that were taken during the two weeks!
your Ellena
Photoshop course Augsburg - stairs
Photoshop course Augsburg - car
Photoshop course Augsburg - wine glass
Photoshop course Augsburg - book
Photoshop course Augsburg - colors
Photoshop course Augsburg - grapes
Photoshop course Augsburg - market
Photoshop course Augsburg - image
Photoshop course Augsburg - Robbe
Photoshop course Augsburg - animal
Photoshop course Augsburg - Zebra

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