From the diary of a trainee - tips and tricks for successful application photos

What do you have to consider for successful application photos? What should you wear and what is the best way to present yourself? Here's a handful Tips on styling for application photos from our Photogenika photo studios in Munich.

A neat appearance for application photos

For a well-groomed appearance, especially for application photos, men should possibly shave again before the shoot, unless they also wear a beard in everyday life. Natural make-up usually works best for women – blemishes and dark circles can be removed in post-processing without any problems. A make-up artist can also be booked on site when making an appointment.

The right clothes for successful application photos

The right clothing is mainly dependent on your industry and your future employer. In the case of very conservative companies and classic job descriptions such as bank clerk, you should definitely wear a shirt with a jacket and tie or a blouse with a blazer on the application photo. If you are applying to young, modern companies or in the creative or social field, you can easily do without the tie or replace the blouse with an elegant top. It can help to find out how the employees of the company you want to apply to are presented on the website.
In general, for successful application photos, it is important to choose well-fitting clothing in the right size, always match colors and avoid bright shades, unusual patterns, deep necklines, translucent fabrics and short-sleeved tops.

The right look makes the difference

However, the most important thing in the picture is your charisma! How would you like to focus on your Application Photos present? What matches your personality? Choose an outfit in which you would also go to the job interview and in which you like yourself. Because as soon as you feel uncomfortable, this can actually be seen on the application photos.
If you are still not sure what you want to wear, you are welcome to bring several outfits to your appointment and we will help you to decide! Let us advise you in detail and competently in one of our photo studios.
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Application photo Munich woman
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Application pictures Munich woman
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