Classic lighting for nudes and lingerie shots in the photo studio

If you just want to do something for yourself or are looking for a special gift for your partner, our photo studio is the right place for you. We make you unique, aesthetic and tailored to your ideas Nudes and lingerie shots.

For nudes, photographers draw with light

Sensual nude photography is strongly form-oriented and plays with the proportions and curves of a body. Of course, everyone has their “little problem areas”, but we are there to recognize your strengths and to present them accordingly or in the right light. For this we have a large number of ideas and poses so that your shots are unique and tailored to you.

To achieve this effect, we use targeted lighting in your photo shoot to play with shadows and light. Your most beautiful lingerie and sides are specially emphasized by us with light, so that you can shine in your pictures. It is not for nothing that the word photography means “drawing with light”.

How is aesthetic nude photography created?

In addition to the model and the pose, the lighting is for a nude shoot one of the most important parts of an image. Body landscapes in particular are delicately and erotically emphasized by lateral light. One or two so-called strip lights are usually used for this. These are elongated and narrow light shapers that are covered with a translucent fabric to soften the light and create a smoother transition to the shadows, making your photo appear softer. Of course we also like to use reflectors. These reflect a hard light and thus create very hard and edgy shadows, which are very popular with trained men when shooting. Here the photographer can optimally work out and emphasize your muscles in your picture.

Sometimes you only use one light source, sometimes two. Gladly also a "pincer light", which is placed diagonally behind the model. As a little tip, it should be said that you should always make sure that you feel comfortable with your clothes or lingerie and that nothing is too tight. Accessories are always welcome too.

Since we've been getting this question more frequently lately, a little tip: Of course you can also bring your own music and create a more relaxed atmosphere. Of course, we photographers try everything to make your shooting as pleasant as possible, but the best way to relax is with your own music.

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