How to document your children growing up with the camera

This young mom shows you how it's done!

Are you constantly amazed at how quickly your children develop and at what breakneck speed they grow up? It is all the more important to capture every single development step on paper and in your mind forever with the help of pictures. This is of course not that easy if you don't have professional equipment or photographic training. Be inspired by the mom blog "Bambini Belli" on how best to document your own child's growing up:

Bambini Belli - what is that anyway?

Bambini Belli is a modern and lovingly designed mom blog run by Johanna (31). Here and on the Bambini Belli Facebook page Parents-to-be will not only find tips on the subject of pregnancy and breastfeeding, but also general advice on everything to do with the family, delicious recipes and fashion for children.

However, Bambini Belli also uses the blog to document the childhood of her two sons as a kind of virtual journey. You can also see her pictures Instagram admire.

Continuity is the keyword

If you want to capture your child's growth in homemade photographs, you should stick to the motto "more is more". The more photos you take, the more images you'll have to choose from afterwards - a decision you won't regret, guaranteed.

So press the shutter button several times in a row and don't let any motif escape you.

Even are mom and dad!

Don't worry, you don't need a professional camera or a wide range of lenses to take beautiful pictures of your offspring. A digital or even smart phone camera, some patience and creativity are enough.

On somewhat gray days, for example, the lighting conditions for photographs are usually best. Find a background in your immediate vicinity (e.g. in your own garden or in front of your front door) that you can quickly access at any time.

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