Capture children, family and co. in photographs

Capture children, family and co. in photographs

Your children's photographers for Munich

Stress-free child and baby photos for young parents

The birth and growing up of a child are dramatic and life-changing events that should be duly recorded. However, you should not only take simple snapshots, but also invest in a professional children's photo shoot in Munich. No matter what age group, we ensure that your child is presented in the right light and that individual photos are taken for your family album.

Capturing moments of happiness in children's photographs

We attach great importance to creating authentic pictures and photographs of your child. It doesn't matter whether it's spontaneously from the movement or in a certain pose, we always try to emphasize the character of the child individually and also to respond to the child's wishes. With the help of small games and tricks, we not only make children's eyes shine, but also parents to relax in our studio. Curious? Then learn more about children photographs in Munich.

Baby photography in a feel-good atmosphere

Shooting beautiful baby photos is considered one of the most difficult and complex tasks for photographers. We are experts in putting your little angel in the right light and photographing him in complete deep relaxation. With the help of small accessories and props such as blankets, hats or hair bands, we skilfully stage your baby for the family photo album. Want to learn more about our baby photography philosophy? Then find out more about our newborn photography.

Children's photographs from Munich give away

There is probably no present that makes grandma happier than a picture of her beloved grandson. Whether in the form of a photo album, a photo calendar or a large canvas, the whole family will enjoy photographs of the newcomer.

The Photogenikarte helps you to have inexpensive and professional photos of your offspring made regularly. After paying a fixed price once, you can arrange as many photo sessions for your child as you like over the next three years. This card is valid for all children from a family up to the age of 16. Should you be interested in the Photogenic Chart, you can here learn more about the offer.

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