Application photo - A field report

Jacob reports here. The 25-year-old from Munich graduated in business communication and is currently looking for a job. He immediately agreed to do a making-of of an application photo shoot with Photogenika in order to describe his impressions and help others with their application process.

An application is the start of a new job. But what makes a good application? In addition to a CV and a cover letter, the right one Application photo definitely help to make a good first impression. I have informed myself and would like to tell you about my experiences.

The right photo for my application

Writing applications is usually not an easy task. When I started applying after my studies, I didn't have a clear idea of what to look out for in my application. Although I have applied for internships in the past, I never really paid attention to the structure of my application documents. In the meantime, I have found that applications are not just about the content alone, but above all about the trappings. Not only do you have to assert yourself against numerous other applicants at every company, it is also very difficult to set yourself apart from the others purely by means of your cover letter and your CV. Therefore, the appearance of the application is just as important as the information it contains. Even if an application photo is no longer mandatory nowadays, it helps to make a positive impression on the HR manager. But what do I have to pay attention to so that the application photo has the right effect and underlines my qualifications?

What do I have to look out for with my application photo?

First and foremost, when I take an application photo, I have to ask myself in which industry I want to apply. For example, a bank employee should be photographed in a suit rather than an unbuttoned casual shirt, whereas a more creative job might come across as too strict. But clothes alone do not make a good picture. After studying business communication, I applied in the online marketing sector. When I was at Photogenika for my application photos, I got advice and afterwards wrote down a few points that are important for a photo shoot.

5 points that are important when shooting:

  1. The clothing should correspond to the career aspirations but also to one's own person. In addition to the factor that you look good in it, you should feel comfortable in the clothes you wear on the shoot.
  2. The hair can also make a big impact in the photo. A flat, long-sleeved hairstyle is certainly not helpful for any job. At Photogenika, the staff could help with a bit of hairspray to make sure everything was in place.
  3. The background should also be well chosen. With Photogenika, with the support of the photographer, I considered in advance which background, whether dark, light or patterned, would suit me best.
  4. Besides the obvious points, the positioning of the person in the picture also plays an important role. I simply discussed with the photographer in advance what my personal wishes were and got a few tips.
  5. Finally, it is important to view the photos with the photographer and select the best images for further processing. It's always good to hear other people's opinions on a photo, especially from professionals. Sometimes you just don't like yourself, but the professional photographer knows what to look out for in order to still select the best photo. In this way, you will definitely find the right photo together. I was able to choose two very good pictures for my applications.

I recommend anyone who wants to apply to have a professional picture taken. With the support of photo studio you get the best result and can make a good impression on your next application.

I wish you success!

 Your Jakob Rauch




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