Analog photography - training

Exterior and interior shots. Analog Nikon SLR camera. Fujifilm 100 with 24 frames (24x36mm). The 100 stands for the ISO value, which means the film is only suitable for daylight and is particularly good in direct sunlight. The following information is still on the film: C-41. This number indicates the film type, Color Negative. Other types: E-6 = slide film bw = black/white monochrome + C-41= sepia (prints with framed slides only possible)

Set the camera for the outdoor shots to program A (for aperture priority and manual aperture), ISO 100, auto focus (automatically finds the focus point, no manual focus) and white balance to sunlight (for outdoor shots, without flash). Adjust the aperture to the respective zoom.

Interior shots in the studio. Set aperture and time in advance, ie in which setting you want to take the picture.

The light is set correctly by a light meter. The time is set so that the aperture can be measured.

First, you carry out an object measurement. Then the light measurement. When measuring the object, you measure from the face to the foreground lamps by flashing the lamps. The shutter of the exposure meter remains closed. The lamps are adjusted until the light meter shows the desired aperture.

When measuring the light, the background lamps or the light that is emitted and reflected by the HG are measured. The Chalotte is opened so that all the light can be captured. The light meter is held towards the subject. If the background is to be completely white, it must be overexposed by 2 f-stops, ie 2 smaller f-stops are set so that the light has to be turned up accordingly.

If all measurements are correct with the specified aperture, professional photography can be taken.

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