A photo shoot from the first day of school

My first day in school
It will soon be that time again and a new adventure called "School" will begin for our little ones. Getting to know new friends, discovering the world of words, numbers and imagination - that's incredibly exciting. And the anticipation is already great. In the kindergarten there was an overnight stay only for the big preschool children, with a last summer party afterwards. The first satchel was also bought, according to their own ideas with their favorite characters on it. From Mikey Mouse to Cars to Princess Lillifee. And together with mum and dad, a large school cone was made especially for the first day of school.
But what kind of surprises are hidden in this one, our school beginners only find out on their big day. Then it's time to pull out the cameras and capture the sparkle in their eyes and the exuberant joy in photos and pictures when the children are called to their classes, enter the classroom for the first time together with their new classmates and enter a whole new world discover. And we at Photogenika don't want to miss these moments either and want to capture them together with you in beautiful and unique pictures. When unpacking the school cone, alone as a very big one and together with the whole family.
Fancy a photo shoot with a school child? Then stop by Photogenika to make this moment unforgettable. Our photographers are happy to take pictures of curious school children in our photo studios.

Start of school photo
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Photo school child
picture school child
School child photo shoot
Photo shoot school child with school bag


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