A look behind the scenes – Aneta

The Photogenika team can already be found in our tab “Team“, but who is actually behind the people? In this post, I will gradually introduce you to a few photographers in more detail. So that you can find your perfect photographer who will capture your special moment.

Today I introduce you to our baby whisperer Aneta. She is always in a good mood, always optimistic and makes every child, no matter how shy, laugh or at least smile a little. Plus, with her calm demeanor, she can do anything newborn photoshoot master and bring your little miracle into the sweetest and cuddliest positions. Not only can she put the youngest ones in the limelight, but also the adults.

Off to the sea?

If she had the chance, she would have loved to star in Mama Mia as Donna, aka Meryl Streep. Independent from other people but with their loved ones, living on a Greek island. Summer, sun, sunshine, good weather and the sea right in front of your nose every day. You can only dream of that here in our autumn in Germany, with all the fog, darkness and cold temperatures.

Your twilight years

As a pensioner, she would like to live in her small house on the Italian coast with a small garden. In the best case scenario, an old apple tree grows there under which she sets up a comfortable seating area and a swing so that she can conjure up delicious food every day with vegetables from her garden. She would spend her time there with her cat Klopsi (which will probably be called that) and her beloved partner.

Although she loves the sea, she doesn't like the color insurance blue. She can't get enough of pink, yellow and coral red. And their denim shirts!

Finally, I wanted to give you her best joke, but she can't remember any of it. Nevertheless, you become ours photo studio leaving with a smile on their face after the shoot.

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