My first wedding experiences as a trainee

A few weeks ago I photographed a wedding alone for the first time. The bride and groom are relatives of Barbara (a photographer from our studio), so she was there too and was able to help me from time to time. Meanwhile, she also shot the video for the wedding. Below I have described the wedding process and my experiences there.

Location photos

First Barbara and I drove to the afternoon location (a restaurant) and I took location photos there in advance. Barbara showed me what is best for photographing, as I had never taken such photos of the location before.

If you are interested in wedding locations in general because you are perhaps currently looking for the right wedding location, then you will find a list of many of us here Wedding locations in and around Munich.

Welcome and wedding ceremony

Afterwards we drove to the registry office and I photographed the guests greeting each other and talking. The guests then went to the wedding hall. Shortly afterwards, the bride and groom arrived at the registry office by car and I took photos of them going into the wedding hall. At first I had a lot of respect for that, because you have to walk backwards while taking photos and adapt the camera settings to the changing environment. However, it was easier than I thought and I was able to take wonderful photos of the bride and groom. During the wedding I took pictures of all the important situations, the bride and groom and the guests. I also tried to capture the very emotional moments.

Congratulations and portrait photos

Afterwards, congratulations took place in the area in front of the registry office. The guests made soap bubbles from both sides as the bride and groom came out of the wedding hall. While congratulating, I stayed behind the bride to take photos of the guests as they warmly hugged the bride. Of course, I also took photos of the groom and his congratulations. After that I have a few more wedding portraits made by the bride and groom at the registry office.


All guests and the bride and groom then drove to the location, an inn with indoor and outdoor areas. Everyone stayed outside, spread out at the tables, talked and laughed. At some point the cake was cut by the bride and groom and a barrel was opened by the groom. During all of these points, I accompanied the wedding with the camera as if in a report. In between, I also took time to photograph the bouquet and the rings separately. I particularly enjoyed photographing the cake cutting and the opening of the barrel.

At evening

In the evening, before everyone went into the restaurant for dinner, we took group photos against the light. Afterwards there was a short speech from the bride and groom in the restaurant and then dinner. Afterwards, the bride and groom performed a dance and then invited all guests to dance. After taking a few more party pictures, I said goodbye to the bride and groom and drove home. Barbara stayed longer and took photos of the rest of the night (e.g. the bridal bouquet toss).

Overall, photographing the wedding was an interesting, educational and also beautiful experience for me. If you are interested in a photographer for your wedding, please feel free to contact us using this link Wedding Photographers Munich inform further.

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