When I grow up I want to be a photographer too!

When you get to know new people, one of the first questions is often "What do you do for a living?" My answer is Photographer Munich. Most reactions to this are "Oh, how nice!" or "I wanted to be that too." My favorite answer, however, is "Like Heidi Klum?"
In these days of Facebook and IPhone, everyone thinks they are a photographer. And of course if you take 100 pictures there are sometimes one or two good pictures. But that doesn't make a photographer out of you! We portrait photographers all started out small Photographer Munich and mostly with taking photos of passport photos or application photos. Only after a certain time and a lot of assisting in the photo studio was one slowly introduced to larger photo shoots, such as e.g. B. family pictures or large wedding portraits. And no, our customers in the photo studio very rarely look like the top models, which doesn't always make it easier to take pictures. We photographers are not artists either, but have learned an old craft as photographers in Munich.
Training as a photographer also means a lot of deprivation. Little time for friends and family, because you always work in the photo studio on Saturdays and have to put your energy into improving your own photos and pictures in your free time. That means practice, practice, practice. The training pay is worse than in other professions.
But once you as a photographer in Munich have reached the point where your own pictures from the photo shoot look the way you want them to, that means the light is perfect, the positioning of the models is of course still unusual and you have a relaxed atmosphere in the Photo studio created, then the customer is overjoyed with the pictures, although he may not have felt like the photo shoot at the photographer in Munich at all. Then we photographers know why we took all this upon ourselves and why people rightly look at us a little with envy. Yes, we photographers have learned one of the best jobs in the world. We don't save lives, but we make our customers happy in the photo studio. We don't care whether it's a passport photo or a wedding photo.
I hope that we will soon be able to welcome you to one of the two Photogenika photo studios for a photo shoot and that you will go home from your photo shoot a little happier than when you came to the photographer in Munich.
Your Nadja

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