Wedding photos in Venice

Venice - city of love.
There is hardly a more romantic place for wedding photos.
That's probably what Kathrin and Sebastian thought when they booked me for their portrait shoot in the lagoon city. They got married last year, but the souvenir photos should be taken in a special place. And what could be nicer for a bride than to slip into her dress and think back to the most beautiful day of her life?

So off to the car, 6 hours drive, a delicious Italian dinner, overnight stop at Lake Garda, to drive to Venice freshly recovered and styled the next day.
The atmosphere was very relaxed, everywhere a loud "ah" and "oh" and "Auguri, auguri" - the Venetians really know how to celebrate a bridal couple.

The weather also played along perfectly, and so beautiful, extraordinary wedding photos were taken:

Hotel photo shoot

Relaxed boudoir, lingerie photos
or casual portrait photos

Hotel Shooting Photogenika 01

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