Four steps to the perfect Instagram photo

With these simple tips you can take the most beautiful Instagram photos

Instagram photos usually look like they are snapshots. As a rule, however, there is a lot of effort behind every photo. Get the perfect Instagram photo with our simple tips.

With the right equipment for a beautiful Instagram photo 

In order to take a beautiful Instagram photo, it is important that you use the right equipment. The quality of the photos should be very high so that the image then appears pixel-free and crystal clear in your feed. Most smartphones now have a good camera and are often enough to take a nice picture with them. With a professional camera, on the other hand, you have significantly more setting options when photographing your Instagram photo. It is best to find out before you buy which camera is the right one for your purposes. 

Exciting perspectives as an eye-catcher 

Especially with Instagram photos you can play with the perspectives and try something new. Depending on how you stand as a photographer, you create a completely different effect. Take that portrait photo rather from a frog's perspective, the person appears larger. In the case of people photographed from a bird's eye view, the faces appear oversized and draw the gaze. Changing the angle can sometimes work wonders. It is best to try out different perspectives and put yourself or your subject in a new light. 

The right pose for a flattering Instagram photo

The right pose plays a big role on Instagram. With a little practice you will find out which pose shows your sweet side, conceals your problem areas and emphasizes your assets. At a professional photo shoot in Munich you can also gain your first experience in front of the camera. Try different poses and find out which one suits you best with the help of an experienced photographer. 

The last tip for a perfect Instagram photo

Uniform and good editing of the images is the last step for a beautiful Instagram photo. With the help of editing apps, you can edit your photos right on your phone. You can edit your images individually by adjusting the sharpness, contrast, exposure or color temperature. By uniformly editing the images, the feed then looks calm and harmonious.

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