Report of the Christmas party

Christmas traditions - everyone loves them.

Most companies have their own customs around Christmas time. Some secret Santa and some tinker together, but almost every company has a Christmas party. The boss thanks the hard-working employees, the employees thank the good boss, the events of the year are summarized and, above all, we celebrate. And this celebration is sometimes bigger and sometimes a little smaller

Some celebrations are even so big that there is a separate curling rink for the employees, as well as a Wii on which you can practice ski jumping and of course there is a band that accompanies the whole evening in a very entertaining way

Our customer “Swisslife”, for example, is a company that organizes such celebrations. We already have many for them Events and Christmas celebrations photographed. And that's where you put your heart and soul into it. A week in advance, we start decorating and designing everything so that we can discover something new in every corner on the big evening. A gigantic, multi-course buffet is set up. Everywhere you will find decoration and elaborate lighting

Event Photography

The task of photographers it's about capturing the "little" things and moments: the conversations between colleagues, the speeches and the most important thing: the food

On evenings like these, we photographers have a lot of fun. Something is happening everywhere, the elaborate decoration creates a great atmosphere and everywhere you can see only happy, smiling faces. That is why we are particularly happy to accompany such events.

We look forward to photographing your (company) event soon.

Many greetings,
& the Photogenika team

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