This question is of course rhetorical in nature - but it still arises in a certain way, since artificial intelligence (AI) influences our work in the photo studio will change foreseeably. The integration of AI in photography has made great progress in recent years: On cell phones, you can make skies more colorful and colors stronger, carry out simple retouching work or recognize faces and even plants - and all of this automatically, without having to do much of the photography and the Photo editing would need to know. This is simple, but unfortunately this simplicity is also the problem. The technology does everything for you, so you don't learn anything, and automated solutions in photography are far from being as perfect as the marketing departments suggest.

Let's take a closer look at what AI can be used for in professional photography:

Automatic retouching

AI is often used in retouching to automatically remove skin imperfections and optimize facial features. Customers receive seemingly impressive portrait photos that appear professionally edited. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the images are edited in a very standardized way. For example, the skin appears unnaturally smooth and facial features can also be distorted. The consequences are: dissatisfied customers and extra work on the part of the photographers. We at Photogenika therefore try to only use automated solutions in a well-dosed form where it really makes sense. So that you also after the professional retouching you still stay and recognize yourself in the pictures. Because smile lines also make your face something special. An AI that only recognizes generalities using statistical methods cannot work out these specific features. This requires a lot of experience in image editing, which we at Photogenika naturally offer you due to our many years of professionalism. Please feel free to contact us if you would like your images edited in a specific way!

Example skin smoothing and hair full of retouching AIExample skin smoothing and hair retouching by photographer

Personalized photo album suggestions

AI can automatically analyze similar recordings from past sessions and make suggestions for Photo Albums submit. The promise is that this saves time when making a selection and creates a harmonious overall picture. We can use this time saving to offer albums as cheaply as possible and not charge a large premium for the design of albums. However, here too, the finishing touches always come from us, your photographers from Photogenika. Because only we know your wishes and know from experience which people (e.g. the picture of grandma with the grandchildren) are important and should be in the foreground. This understanding is not possible for an AI.

Example of skin retouching with AIExample of skin retouching by a photographer

Intelligent background optimization

In studio shoots, the background is often crucial for the atmosphere of a photo. This also applies to Photo shoots at Photogenika. AI can help us focus on the main subjects by removing or blurring distracting elements. That sounds great at first. But in practice, we still notice AI errors - for example, when patterns in the background are continued incorrectly or inadequately and color gradients do not match the image. Here too, the experience and knowledge of us professional photographers at Photogenika is required.

Example of inserting background with AI BeforeExample of inserting a background with AI After

The authenticity of the images, data protection and your personal advice are also important

The challenge for us studios is to ensure the authenticity of the images and maintain our personal style. Customers often want to see a unique, personal touch in their photos. At Photogenika, we therefore have to ensure that the automatic optimizations through AI do not override the individual style of the photographer or the wishes of the customers.

A very big issue when using AI is of course data protection. We must and want to protect your images to the maximum. That's why we only use integrated AI solutions in purchased programs such as Photoshop. We do not use internet applications that store or even reuse images.

What is also important to us at Photogenika is that the increased use of AI must not lead to personal advice and interaction between photographers and customers being neglected. A balanced relationship between automated processes and individual service is therefore crucial.

With AI we have exciting possibilities in photography

One thing is certain: the advancing marriage of AI and photography offers exciting opportunities for photo studios and customers alike. However, it is up to the studios to integrate these technologies responsibly in order to offer customers an optimal and authentic photo shoot result. At Photogenika you have come to the right photo studio address. Please feel free to talk to us about how we use AI and what limitations we see with AI for photo editing. Have you already had experience with AI and image editing? Feel free to let us know!

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