Videography as an extension of photography

Why videography?

A well-made video usually has a much more direct and intense effect on the viewer than photos, as the videography is much more lively and interesting due to the moving subjects and the camera work. That's why, in addition to photography, I also find videography very exciting and am constantly training myself in design and camera work. We mainly use videography in the area of wedding photography as well as in the advertising sector. Privately, I also use the video area in motorsports and for motorcycle presentation purposes.

What is important?

Many small things lead to a high-quality result later.

The choice of camera and lens plays a very important role - the better the camera, of course the better the quality - but it should offer the highest possible frame rate (60 + fps). I really like wide-angle lenses for video, as there is more movement in the outer areas of the image when the camera is moved and a larger viewing angle is possible when filming (14 - 35 mm range).

Steady camera work is the basis for good videos, which can be achieved by walking and rolling over your feet evenly. Of course, this requires some practice and routine.

My common tools for quality improvement.

In order to get quieter shots, I use a DJI Ronin RSC2 - a gimbal with which I can individually control and stabilize the different axes in the camera movement. This makes my camera work much more pleasant, natural and authentic. Depending on the situation, the stabilization settings can be adjusted, switched on or off and some camera functions can be controlled.

For wedding videos, in most cases I want to create very soft, flowing movements, which is why I set the gimbal axis motors to be very soft.

In events, for sports shots or shots with fast-moving subjects, I set the motors to be a little more sensitive and nimble to create a more action-packed look. I also use movements like this to initiate clip transitions. A past investment of mine that allows for a broadening of perspectives is a drone. I use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with a 1” Hasselblad sensor.

It is particularly suitable for overflight recordings wedding location or even from Group photos of the wedding party, especially if there are a lot of guests and you need a high camera position to be able to see all the faces in the group photo. I operate the drone and the camera with a remote control and the external display of a smartphone.

A video can be booked with us individually or just as well as a nice extension to photographed images.

If you are also a professional wedding video If you wish, then it is best to contact us by telephone or in writing and you will then receive a suitable offer from us.

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