The perfect wedding photos: how, when, where?

A question to consider Wedding photographer Munich is asked again and again how perfect wedding photos are created at weddings. Which location is best for our wedding pictures? When is the ideal time for our portrait pictures? Below we would like to give you a few tips for the perfect wedding photography:
1. How?
Think in advance what kind of portraits you would like to have. Would you rather have romantic and emotional wedding photos, funny or timelessly classic ones? For us wedding photographers, this makes a big difference. Of course we can also offer you a colorful mix of wedding pictures! The only important thing is: Tell us what you want - and even more important what you don't like! Because tastes are just different. The better we get an idea of who you are and what you like, the better yours will be Wedding Pictures then fallen from your wedding photographer Munich.
2. Where?
Lovely There are wedding locations in Munich and the surrounding area fortunately on every corner. Starting with the castle parks to the English Garden and the Hofgarten. Even in the subway, in the slaughterhouse district or directly at the Münchner Freiheit - wedding photos are possible anywhere, as long as you like the location and it suits your desired style of wedding pictures. In most cases we don't have to drive far to find nice places to take pictures. Very often your location is perfect and can easily serve as a backdrop for your wedding pictures - while your guests just keep partying. This is usually the most uncomplicated option and means the least stress for you. You should only make sure that your guests are not in the immediate vicinity during the shooting of your wedding portrait. Otherwise, you may feel like you're on display and you won't be able to smile comfortably. There may be times when your guests "have something to do" - for example during the champagne reception or during dinner.
3. When?
No bridal couple wants to stay away from their wedding guests for a particularly long time. However, please consider: the more time we have, the more beautiful photos we can take Wedding Photographers Munich make of you. Ultimately, the question of when is the most important for us wedding photographers. Of course, we are aware that it is difficult to plan the timing of the portraits at a wedding in advance - every wedding develops its own dynamic. However, many bridal couples make the "mistake" of planning the portraits exactly in the midday sun. Unfortunately, this point in time is not ideal. Both in terms of heat and the light situation, this results in the least beautiful pictures. We can only recommend that you take the pictures in the evening, e.g. B. between the courses of the wedding meal, or first thing in the morning, e.g. B. in front of the church. We have the most beautiful color brilliance, the fewest shadows under the eyes and the most exciting light in the morning hours until around 9:30 a.m. and in the evening hours from 5 p.m. Afterwards I would like to show you a few atmospheric pictures during these “beautiful hours”. I hope they help you decide!
With these tips for wedding photography in Munich, I hope I could help you a bit with your planning. If you have any questions, we wedding photographers are at your disposal!
At this point I would like to say a big thank you to my previous bridal couples this season - you were awesome and it was great fun being there for you! I am already looking forward to the other weddings to come!
Your Julia

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