The way to the perfect application picture

For many, this is the most unpopular way to find oneself in a photo studio - the application photo.
But that's quite wrong - as we prove every day in our studios.

Make the duty a freestyle

Not for yourself, not for loved ones as a gift and not necessarily in comfortable clothes. Nonetheless - a professional one Application photo is and remains irreplaceable for a good application. After all, it's about something, a new job, a better position and an appealing appearance on career platforms! You can achieve a lot with the right application picture.

With an exciting visual language, individual lighting and interesting design, you will get more than a 0-8-15 application picture from us. We want your personality to come into its own in the application photos and business portraits!
We take care of the details. Because a neatly lying tie, a smooth blouse and matted skin are subtleties that make the difference.

We have the necessary know-how to photograph the right picture for everyone. So why not take a more relaxed approach to the matter. Don't just accept it as a mere mandatory appointment, but take the opportunity to get to know us and our photo studio at the Ostbahnhof or in the Westend and go home with a result that you are satisfied with and that you also like to look at later as a nice memory of yourself?

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How to get the best result

To ensure that the result matches the career change you are looking for, we discuss our photographers with you everything important before the shooting. Our many years of experience in the field of application photography enables us to implement your ideas. In advance, it is advisable to think about what you want to achieve with the picture. Do I want to advance to a management position? Is creativity required of me?

Even if you have already started to design your application, it is interesting for our photographers to know what you have prepared. For example, we can photograph images that work perfectly as a cover photo, take your color scheme into account, or direct the future viewer's gaze with the photo. The more information we have, the more individual the application picture is tailored to you.

So don't worry! We take the time for each one to take the photos that will accompany you on your professional career ladder.

We would be delighted to welcome you to one of our studios at your next appointment for application photos.

With photogenic greetings,

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